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This is the third stop on Sassenach's tour of Lallybroch.
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What does Craigh na Dun look like? Check out Megalithic Mysteries for more information on the megaliths of England, Scotland, and Wales. There are tons of pictures, information about most megalithic structures, and even a rating scale for each based on Impression, Ambiance, and Access. I chose this picture of Callanish because it is on a hilltop and is about the size I imagined Craigh na Dun to be.

Is Castle Leoch, home to Clan MacKenzie, a reference to the real MacKenzie stronghold Castle Leod (left)? What do you think? Looks like how I imaged Leoch. Visit this Castle Leod site to see the castle from all sides to learn more about the castle, including the current restoration project. After scouring the Internet for a while (and perhaps not knowing what I am really looking for), I still haven't found a better depiction of Lallybroch than the painting by Joann van Zeller at the entrance to the Ladies of Lallybroch site. Go see for yourself.

For more spectacular pictures of Scotland, visit Felicia's Pictures of Scotland.

Check out the Chateau de Versailles, Where King Louis XV (the French king in Dragonfly in Amber) held court. Don't forget to visit the panoramic view of the king's bedroom while you're there.

As for Fraser's Ridge, these pictures capture it perfectly. This little cabin is very similar to the way I imagined Jamie and Claire's cabin.

For more spectacular views of the North Carolina mountains, visit North Carolina mountains webcams.

Our next stop on the tour is Reviews.

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